Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Joe Vitale is giving away a free ebook, that is powerful ,uplifting and inspiring!

Joe Vitale is giving away a free ebook, that is powerful ,uplifting and inspiring

Our goal is to reach people in each of these countries
and deliver messages of hope, forgiveness, brotherhood,
empowerment, healing, and love.


By delivering books! That's how.

By getting Give to Live e-books at
and then printed books at
in each of these 195 countries, we will begin to reshape the World
the way we wish.

Creation starts in the mind and as we think of the World we
wish to see, action puts into motion the seeds for the
manifestation to become real.

Our intention is clear...Give to Live book is a MOVEMENT!

We need your help to create the reality.

Who do you know in Norway that knows someone in Ghana?

Who knows someone in Poland, that knows someone in Cambodia, that
knows someone in Venezuela that knows someone in Croatia...
well, you get the idea.

In just a few weeks, the idea of Give to Live has inspired,
motivated and changed people and it's just begun.

Just this morning, we received a beautiful message from Bangalore,
India. It said, "I am grateful to God, the Universal energy for
providing YOU TO ME through your literature. I am spiritually
elevated and inspired when I read it! I was truly inspired and
happy! You are serving the cause of God in the universe. May God
shower you with his choicest blessings and give you peace, love,
joy, harmony, health, prosperity and abundance in your life and
your family's. Thanks a lot AND AS A TOKEN OF GRATITUDE please
accept this amount of tithing. You may do as you deem fit about
it. Thanks once again."