Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More vs. What Is: Is Law of Attraction Sick of Me? (Part One)

My friend D’Nicole, a seasoned spiritual being, calls me with a very interesting question: “Is it really okay for me to desire more, especially when, compared to some people, I have so much?”
I am momentarily confused. “What do you mean? ‘Is it okay to desire more’? What should you be desiring? Less? Are we still living in America? Have we been invaded by the Communists? Or the Amish?”

She laughs. “No, nothing like that. It’s just, well, I really do have so much to be thankful for, and I’m getting a definite signal from the Universe that I should back off on trying to manifest new stuff,” D’Nicole explains. “Maybe I should spend more time appreciating what I have and less time trying to get somewhere else.”

“That Goddamn Universe,” I complain, “such a tease. I have it on good authority that every part of every part of It is designed to make us want more, to make us reach for more, to make us create more, and here It is totally screwing with you for doing what It’s calling you to do.”

I ask her for some specifics. “How, precisely, is the Universe telling you to back off?” D’Nicole tells me how she’s been reading and practicing The 40 Day Abundance Plan by John Randolph Price, a program of affirmations and meditation to increase abundance consciousness. There’s ten statements of inner wealth that you repeat and meditate on, one each day. Then you go through the whole cycle four times. And by the end of the proverbial forty days your money issues will have vanished back into the ethereal dust from whence they came. Or something like that.

“I’ve tried that a couple of times,” I tell D’Nicole. “But I can never get past, like, day seven. I’m all: ‘Infinite wealth is who I am; my consciousness of my supply IS my supply—Holy Crap there’s a new episode of Real World Las Vegas!’ I have selective ADHD when it comes to Inner Wealth Awareness.”

D’Nicole politely overlooks the fact that her forty-one year old friend is still mesmerized by The Real World. “Well, I was actually doing pretty good with it. I was really getting into the statements and the meditations and everything. And then everything started to go to pieces with my business. I got a “Cease and Desist” letter from some guy who claims he had the original rights to our business name. Our product got pulled from the shelves at Whole Foods on a technicality, after all the work I put in to get us in there. And I found myself actually starting to hate making cookies, which is kinda, you know, the opposite reason I started a gourmet cookie dough business.”

“So I was thinking,” D. continues, “that maybe the Law of Attraction is just getting sick of me asking for More, More, More—maybe I’ve already got enough. I have a great husband, and his business is doing really well. I have two amazing kids and I love being a mom. We have wonderful friends and a truly interesting life—maybe the Universe is like, ‘Enough already, D, chillax and enjoy your blessings’.”

“Hmmmm,” I say. “I can definitely appreciate that enjoying your existing blessings is a good idea. Gratitude for what had already manifested in our lives is such a powerful thing—just the noticing how much we currently have makes EVERY experience easier and clearer. So it’s never a mistake to choose to appreciate What Is.” I pause. “But still, I think Desire for More is also a natural state of being. I can’t say I’m overburdened with people complaining that their lives are so fantastic there’s absolutely no room for anything to improve in any way.”

(Of course, I am a life and business coach, so I wouldn’t really be the person that people come to in order to complain about how there’s just too much perfection in their lives. I’m the person people come to when they want to know how the hell to get that bastard off the couch and out the door to his son’s Little League game).

And yet, I suspect that D’s issue is not the Universe being annoyed with her requests for “more.” No, I think Law of Attraction is sending her a very different message. Tune in next time for “more” on this very common glitch in Universal Communication.