Thursday, October 22, 2009

Watch this Blog as I am getting ready to provide lots of new reviews on hte most powerful and useful Law of Attraction books, sites and courses!

Lots of great new reviews coming!
In the meantime todays Diamond is:

Florence Scovel Shin
"Your Word is your Wand"
This is an incredible gem
This book has been transformational in my life!
I read some everyday in the morning and it puts me in the attraction zone!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Joe Vitale is giving away a free ebook, that is powerful ,uplifting and inspiring!

Joe Vitale is giving away a free ebook, that is powerful ,uplifting and inspiring

Our goal is to reach people in each of these countries
and deliver messages of hope, forgiveness, brotherhood,
empowerment, healing, and love.


By delivering books! That's how.

By getting Give to Live e-books at
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Creation starts in the mind and as we think of the World we
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Our intention is clear...Give to Live book is a MOVEMENT!

We need your help to create the reality.

Who do you know in Norway that knows someone in Ghana?

Who knows someone in Poland, that knows someone in Cambodia, that
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well, you get the idea.

In just a few weeks, the idea of Give to Live has inspired,
motivated and changed people and it's just begun.

Just this morning, we received a beautiful message from Bangalore,
India. It said, "I am grateful to God, the Universal energy for
providing YOU TO ME through your literature. I am spiritually
elevated and inspired when I read it! I was truly inspired and
happy! You are serving the cause of God in the universe. May God
shower you with his choicest blessings and give you peace, love,
joy, harmony, health, prosperity and abundance in your life and
your family's. Thanks a lot AND AS A TOKEN OF GRATITUDE please
accept this amount of tithing. You may do as you deem fit about
it. Thanks once again."

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The 11 Forgotten Laws of the Secret!

I want introduce you to new course, The 11 Forgotten Laws that is a nesacarry companion to the Secret (the Film) as you are aware The Secret is based upon the law of attraction. The 11 Forgotten Laws course picks up where the Seceret leaves off. The product is both inspiring and motivational, teaching you what the law of attraction is, why it works, and how you can use it in your own life to attain your dreams and desires.

The 11 Forgotten Laws” is promoted as an integrated online learning course, and that’s exactly what it is. The main course material is in 12 audio sections, with several MP3 files in each section, each MP3 track being around five minutes long. In total there’s at least six hours of audio material, accompanied by a PDF transcript.

Each section is a conversation between Bob Proctor (of “The Secret” fame) and Mary Morrissey, filled with warmth and humor. I found myself making notes, and replaying sections; each time you list “The 11 Forgotten Laws” changes you at a very deep level.

For example, I replayed the first law, the “Law of Thinking”, several times, and discovered that what I called “thinking” wasn’t thinking at all. Once I start to really think — which is completely effortless by the way — my life started to change immediately. Solutions to worries bubbled up, and I started to feel in control.

There are several bonus products included with “The 11 Forgotten Laws” course is a series of videos called “Manifest Like A Millionaire” with Laura Silva Quesada, the daughter of the founder of the Silva Method. Laura Silva takes you through a couple of meditations which uplift you, and provide a great structure for your own meditations.

Overall, “The 11 Forgotten Laws” is a complete system that is very user friendly and effective for bringing the law of attraction into your life, and manifesting your dreams.

Complete as the system is, I do have a one minor critisicim ,. There’s so much in the course that you can get overwhelmed. Summaries and checklists for the material in each of the laws would have made the product more complete as a learning system.

The 11 Forgotten Laws” is a very thourough and complete course and wll definetly help you realize your dreams of Health Wealth and Abundance

You can get more info on the 11 Forgotten Laws here:

Check out these testimonials from people who are currently working with The 11 Forgotten Laws:


If you would like more information on the 11 Forgotten Laws please click the link below,

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

There's a problem with The Secret. By Bill Harris (star of the Secret!)

Dear Mark,

There's a problem with The Secret.

Maybe you've experienced it.

Now when I use the word "problem," I don't mean the
movie was bad.

Not by a long shot...

The Secret did it's job. It raised the awareness of millions
of people about the control they have over the wealth,
abundance and success that flows into their lives.

And it's already transformed the lives of thousands
of people across the world who have put the ideas
into practice.

But there are millions more people who want to change
their lives, but have found that there are a few critical
pieces of the concept that the movie doesn't explain
very well.

Others I've heard from need a little more help getting

Of course, I'm happy for those who have already seen
big success. But I'm not talking about those people

My focus today is on you. Your life. Your success.

And if you've been using the principles from The Secret
in your life, but have questions... or you're wondering
why it hasn't worked for you yet, then today's message
has the potential to transform YOUR life.

Some of the biggest questions I get about The Secret
are things like:

...."Now What?"

...."What do I DO NOW?"

...."I'm doing it. Why isn't it working?"

Today, I have an answer for all of those questions.

And you'll find all of the information at the link below...

Now is the time to take action:

find out how here:

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The 11 Forgotten laws is an Online Integrated Learning Course,

The 11 Forgotten laws is an Online Integrated Learning Course,

Designed to be a fully integrated learning course, you will have the flexibility to write your notes and track your progress as you listen to each lesson in each section. You can then access the lessons and your notes anytime, anywhere for instant and easy revision that will enhance your learning and accelerate your results!

The Original Law of Attraction Blueprint, “Working with the Law” EBook

Yes, we’re throwing in the original Holliwell classic as an EBook for you. This is the book that served as one of the inspirations for the movie “The Secret”. Find hidden treasures and gems of wisdom in this positive, powerful book of international acclaim.

Audio Transcripts

Transcripts of all 95 lesson tracks in one easy-to-search EBook for your quick reference and revision.

95 Powerful Lesson Tracks on 12 Digital CDs for Instant Access & Download

Working With the Law

* Your mind is your biggest enemy – Why it is important for you to identify and draw a distinct line between the two types of human thought if you want the Law to work for you.

* The key to success in living life – Overcome any problem or adversity from unemployment to poverty

* Everyone is governed by the Law – whether they know it or not. Find out the reason why it doesn’t manifest for everyone, and what you need to do to make it work for you.

* PLUS: Fail to discover this one thing and your accomplishments become meaningless

* And much more.

Law of Thinking

* The surprisingly simple nature-inspired activity to quickly develop organized, discipline thought. Master this and manifest every single one of your heart’s desire with lightning speed. PLUS: Also do this to erase unhelpful anxious thoughts like white-out.

* The Sins of the Fathers. Did you know that 98% of your “stinkin’ thinking” is rooted in a mistimed word from our parents? Add this secret ingredient to your thought patterns and be finally set free to be the great person you’re destined to be.

* Scientists have proven that your thoughts travels 930,000 times faster than the speed of our voice. The implications? No other force or power in the Universe yet known is as great or quick. Here’s how to properly harness the full potential and put it to work for you.

* PLUS: Why a brilliant educated ethical person like you can be broke. The single most crucial action to break those soul-crushing dead end patterns.

* And much more.

Law of Supply

* The age old advice you only think you understand. Ignore the real lesson, and it will forever hold you back.

* How to exploit the Michael Phelps secret to accelerate your own personal and career advancement. Break your own records and explode through any goal once you know these Olympic-inspired techniques.

* BETTER THAN THE ATM MACHINE. This simple exercise acts as a teleportation device to the richest source of abundance on the planet. Do it as often as you want and never wait for anything again.

* And much more.

Law of Attraction

* The right way to maximize the Law of Attraction. 3 never-before-revealed secrets that will whip open the floodgates of blessing, so much that you can’t contain it. Don’t be disappointed by mediocre results from half-truths again.

* Prosperity FM: The quickest, easiest way to fulfill your heart’s most urgent desire. A simple exercise to rewire your brain and tune your desires to the right frequency.

* The Nelson Mandela secret that ended apartheid, and how you can apply the same extraordinary principle to effortlessly break through your limitations.

* Achieve a exhilaratingly huge vision for your life—by becoming a bug? This unconventional mindset tweak will enable you to seize your destiny.

* The strange case of 5th generation welfare recipients. Just add this small mental fix and you immediately turn this unalterable pattern around into one that attracts the most amazing things in your life. Astounding.

* And much more.

Law of Receiving

* Givers Gain. The more you give, the more you get. A simple system of systematic giving that unleashes returns that are pressed down, shaken together, and running over.

* You may feel that your prayers are falling on deaf ears. But did you know they could be answered already? Here’s why.

* Your back’s to the wall, everything you hold dear seems to be falling apart. Time to give up? Absolutely not. Here’s a powerful technique that will give you the keys to bounce back richer and more powerful than before!

* If your blessings come and go in erratic spurts, this is the primary reason why.

* And much more.

“I Doubled My Income”

“Two months ago, my life consisted of living from month to month on what could be described as an average monthly income. Within two months of joining Bob Proctor’s Chairman’s Club, I was shown how to earn money while I sleep through the setting up of Multiple Sources of Income (MSI’s). I’ve already doubled a measly €2,500 per month to €5,000 and the Sky is the limit!”

~ David Walsh – Galway, Ireland –

Law of Increase

* What you praise — GROWS. The hidden step-by-step system to magnify praise and amplify growth.

* Get healthy naturally by doing this? Amazing Penn State study on the therapeutic power of gratitude.

* Are you feeling and drained from all the stress around you? What you must do to tap into an unlimited energy source. You’ll be rejuvenated and raring from the get go—nearly overnight.

* 3 things you must do to create a massive paradigm shift. Imagine seeing things in a positive light. Banish negative thoughts. Just do this over and over again.

* BETTER THAN A PUBLIC SPEAKING COURSE. How to quickly generate confidence and raise your self-esteem with this simple action—even if you’d been struggling with self-image issues all your life.

* And much more.

Law of Compensation

* How to use this wonderful law to PROPEL yourself out of the place where you are, to the place where you belong.

* How to build the perfect wealth-attracting image. Tips, tricks, and techniques to affirm your identity and attract wealth as far as the eye can see.

* You walk past opportunities everyday, yet you fail to seize them. How to use the startling gem miner secret to detect —and fully capitalize— on them time and time again.

* Picture This: If you have a blank check in your hands, how much would you write on it? This simple exercise will accelerate the reality of your dreams.

* 3 everyday —yet harmful— actions that can contract your potential, and how to avoid them.

* And much more.

Law of Non-Resistance

* Beware of this common burnout-causing mistake. What you must do to eliminate stress and be as productive as a bee.

* Why a tiny stream is the starting point to rivers of abundance. How you can learn from nature’s life system to experience greater prosperity

* Why you should practice psychological aikido and not judo.

* Emotional freedom — by loving the people who hurt you the most?

* Be in total control of your surroundings — by becoming a doormat? You can take any suppression and turn into your personal profit bonanza when you follow the directions in this module.

* And much more.

“From $200 to $20,000 a month”

“I remember the first time I watched the movie “The Secret.” It absolutely blew me away. It was in that moment that I realized that I no longer had to let my circumstances control me, I was in control of my own life and of the future I wanted to create.

As soon as I began Bob’s coaching program, everything in my life accelerated. I began to live on purpose and discover my gifts. I began coaching, which soon turned into public speaking and now I teach workshops on accelerated goal achieving and I have had massive success with my network marketing company and my personal business, as well as being a published author.

I was able to turn my $200 a month paycheck into $20,000 a month income and it has been exponentially going up from there.”

~ Coral Kloppe – Fort Collins, CO –

Law of Forgiveness

* How to uncork a bottomless wellspring of forgiveness. If you feel you are unloved, maybe this simple action is what you need to unlock the all-encompassing embrace of affection.

* An “Unstoppable” way to deal with suppressed anger. How people who ticked you off can take you to the next level.

* Have we properly forgiven a person who wronged us? Here’s the surprisingly accurate test.

* The shocking root of psychosomatic disease. Once you chop it down, you will achieve unprecedented health and wholeness.

* The Fertile Garden secret: The single fastest way to enjoy emotional freedom.

* Tormented by demons in your past? Exorcize them with 2 pieces of paper and a matchstick.

* And much more.

Law of Sacrifice

* The Abraham Lincoln effect: The inch of discomfort that leads to a mile of bliss.

* The Rubber Bat Theory: The ultimate way to take control of your thinking

* 2 habits to change and you’ll instantly shoot up as the top performer in your company.

* Grow or die. The paradigm shift you must make in order to remove stagnation once and for all.

* And much more.

Law of Obedience

* How to be ecstatically joyful and at peace — by obeying George Bush? Revealed: The surprising root of all kinds of happiness.

* Nature vs Normal. Telling the difference is the No.1 way to bring things into alignment.

* A turnip seed does not produce potatoes. Why violating this concept is the real cause of not reaping the bountiful harvest you expect. Quick 2-minute fix.

* Your problems are getting larger and larger. Should you start panicking? NO! The shocking reason why this may be good for you.

* And much more.

Law of Success

* The stunning Prickly Nest secret that will disrupt negative thought, boost your tenacity and inspire you to totally OWN life.

* The little-known definition of success you need to hear. This alone can change your life forever.

* Conquer the fear of failure — with a spaceship? The proven technique to keep your eyes on the prize despite your past mistakes. ALSO: A valuable lesson from equestrian riders on overcoming the paralysis in stepping out.

* How to raise yourself from failure to success — just by focusing on your hobbies. HINT: You need to do this innovative activity in your spare time for this to work.

* How to survive — and even profit from the coming bankruptcy avalanche. 2 words that will enable you to navigate past the far-reaching failure of the Lehman Bros, WaMU, and Merril-Lynch and live life on your own terms.

* And much more.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Learn The 11 Forgotten Laws, The promise of the Secret delivered

In life, it is easy to dream and want things for the better, but it is quite difficult to put those ideas into reality. Because a lot of people are more bent on hoping, it isn’t a wonder why so few have actually driven themselves to success. There have been so many experts attempting to instill positive action into individuals who dare only to dream. One such phenomenon that has hit the airwaves is the Law of Attraction, a guide to help people use their own energy to attract more positive results in their lives.

For more than a century, the Law of Attraction has been a topic for discussion, and at present, even more people and celebrities are getting interested on how this principle has changed the lives of so many. The foremost expert in this field is Bob Proctor, who has authored best-selling books and has been interviewed in various programs. Today, Procter explains that this singular law is not enough to really keep you moving forward, and that most of what it teaches is incomplete. Proctor now presents “The 11 Forgotten Laws,” which presents a more powerful weapon in achieving success in life.

Procter has authored this new guide, “The 11 Forgotten Laws,” with life-coach Mary Morrissey. In this new program, Proctor explains that much of the hype involving the original Law of Attraction has been misinterpreted, also attributing some inconsistencies in the 2006 documentary “The Secret.”

Some of the “11 Forgotten Laws” that this new program aims to instill include: the Law of Forgiveness, which is said to motivate you to turn debts into success; the Law of Thinking, which teaches how positive determination will attract a free-flow of more positive events; and the Law of Compensation, which teaches how to increase one’s capacity to be productive.

Whether you want to have better results in terms of business, work, finances, and relationships, the “11 Forgotten Laws” by Procter and Morrissey will allow you to turn ideas into reality. So many have already provided their testimonials stating how this “11 Forgotten Laws” program, including the original Law of Attraction, has given them a new lease on life, letting them achieve their dreams and more.

This program contains ebooks and audio books for easy download and convenience. Plus, as an added gift, you get bonus ebooks like Manifest Like a Millionaire and the Prosperity Program. Proctor and Morrissey’s “11 Forgotten Laws” is a great investment that will provide a brighter and more positive future for you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some Important benefits of the 11 Forgotten Laws!

* The 11 Missings Pieces that make your understanding of the Law Of Attraction complete.—Learn these 11 ideas and you’ll find your thoughts and reality merging together faster than you ever dreamed possible. Your friends may no longer recognize you in 6 months.
* Specifics on HOW these 11 pieces fit together snugly like the pieces of a jigsaw.
* Why some people attract what they do not want—“negative attraction”—While others only attract what they DO want. What’s the ONE difference in understanding between these groups.
* Specific examples of obstacles that BLOCK you from your ideal reality. And a simple mental housecleaning exercise to FREE you—literally overnight as this profound understanding sinks into your soul.
* Everything you need is already waiting for you to claim. But the key to the door is missing. Here’s what you need to do to find the key to your door.
For more information and to download the 11 Forgotten Laws

Monday, January 12, 2009

learn how to apply the 11 Forgotten Laws by Bob Procto

The Secret is a powerful movie and novel that has changed the way the world thinks and acts. It can be a confusing and difficult subject matter for some individuals however, making it next to impossible to truly grasp. If you want to experience the truly remarkable benefits of The Secret, then you may want to seek additional guidance on the subject matter. There are many ways to learn how to apply the 11 Forgotten Laws by Bob Proctor in your daily life, but you must first have a firm grasp on the information.

How The Law Of Attraction Works And Changes Your Life

Goals are a part of our life. We make goals and decide to achieve them, but so many people lose sight of those goals. To reap the benefits of goal making, you will need to live the goal. Make the goals you set a central part of your daily lifestyle. Focus on the goals when you wake in the morning, and before you fall asleep. Eventually these goals will bring you to the point that you want to be at, and thinking about them constantly allows you to visualize. Visualizations are promising for adding motivation to your goals.

When you are able to truly appreciate your goals, you can take Jack Canfields famous quote into your lifestyle and daily mantras. "Decide what you want and believe you can have it. Believe you deserve it and believe it is possible for you. And then close your eyes everyday for several minutes and visualize having what you already want, then feeling the feeling of already having it. Come out of that and focus on what you are grateful for already and really enjoy it. Go into your day and release it to the universe and trust that the universe would figure out how to manifest it". Never has a statement been more powerful.

Reasons Why Individuals Fail At Applying The Law Of Attraction

If you lack complete understanding of the remaining laws, then you lose sight of the most important one of all. The Law of Attraction takes much more comprehension, and practice than the others. At the same time, each law requires a constant and steady flow of cooperation between each. Very few individuals are capable of making all 11 laws work in unison.

Bob teaches an online course titled “The 11 forgotten Laws”. The course outlines the very important laws that you need to completely succeed in the area. Thinking, Supply, Attraction, Receiving, Increase, Compensation, Non-Resistance, Forgiveness, Obedience, and Success, all create the add up to be the 11 laws that can improve your life forever.

To check out the official website Here:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Working The 11 Forgotton Laws

As I continue to work The 11 Forgotten Laws, I am impressed by clarity of my intentions. Things that were blocking me in utilizing the the full power of the Secret are now falling away as my understanding of the 11 Forgotten laws solidifies!
You can get more info on the 11 Forgotten Laws here:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

“Is the Law of Attraction Hype?” I say NO!

“Is the Law of Attraction Hype?”

But before I answer that, let me quickly introduce myself.

My name is Bob Proctor.

Perhaps a quote from Doug Wead, former special assistant to the President of the United States, best describes me:

“Zig Ziglar may be the master motivator, Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul, the master story tellers; Anthony Robbins may be the guru of personal development, but Bob Proctor is the master thinker. When it comes to systemizing life, no one can touch him.”

You can get more info on the 11 Forgotten Laws here: