Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Learn The 11 Forgotten Laws, The promise of the Secret delivered

In life, it is easy to dream and want things for the better, but it is quite difficult to put those ideas into reality. Because a lot of people are more bent on hoping, it isn’t a wonder why so few have actually driven themselves to success. There have been so many experts attempting to instill positive action into individuals who dare only to dream. One such phenomenon that has hit the airwaves is the Law of Attraction, a guide to help people use their own energy to attract more positive results in their lives.

For more than a century, the Law of Attraction has been a topic for discussion, and at present, even more people and celebrities are getting interested on how this principle has changed the lives of so many. The foremost expert in this field is Bob Proctor, who has authored best-selling books and has been interviewed in various programs. Today, Procter explains that this singular law is not enough to really keep you moving forward, and that most of what it teaches is incomplete. Proctor now presents “The 11 Forgotten Laws,” which presents a more powerful weapon in achieving success in life.

Procter has authored this new guide, “The 11 Forgotten Laws,” with life-coach Mary Morrissey. In this new program, Proctor explains that much of the hype involving the original Law of Attraction has been misinterpreted, also attributing some inconsistencies in the 2006 documentary “The Secret.”

Some of the “11 Forgotten Laws” that this new program aims to instill include: the Law of Forgiveness, which is said to motivate you to turn debts into success; the Law of Thinking, which teaches how positive determination will attract a free-flow of more positive events; and the Law of Compensation, which teaches how to increase one’s capacity to be productive.

Whether you want to have better results in terms of business, work, finances, and relationships, the “11 Forgotten Laws” by Procter and Morrissey will allow you to turn ideas into reality. So many have already provided their testimonials stating how this “11 Forgotten Laws” program, including the original Law of Attraction, has given them a new lease on life, letting them achieve their dreams and more.

This program contains ebooks and audio books for easy download and convenience. Plus, as an added gift, you get bonus ebooks like Manifest Like a Millionaire and the Prosperity Program. Proctor and Morrissey’s “11 Forgotten Laws” is a great investment that will provide a brighter and more positive future for you.

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